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Training programs for different fitness purposes.

25 000

Athletes have already installed the AtletIQ application.


Fitness coaches are ready to give a free consultation.


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An application that trains!

An irreplaceable assistant to a fitness trainer and instructor,
Assistant for independent athletes!

Automatic adjustment of the load to the capabilities of the athlete.

Convenient designer of training programs for instructors.

The most precise instructions for doing workouts

Catalog of ready and tested programs for different goals

Detailed instructions on the technique and mode of the exercises

Automatic timer setting for rest and execution

Adjusting the load to the athlete's strength capabilities

System of personal communications between athletes and coaches

Ability to comment on the training of others and share your successes

Direct communication with trainers-experts, free consultations

The ability to manage athletes for fitness instructors

3 Easy Steps to Your Fitness Goal

Start improving right now!

Install the application and provide some details 

Choose the program yourself or with the help of a trainer

Start training with a mobile assistant!

Each 10th user receives 30 days
 of access to the "VIP" plan.

App reviews

I like to train with the application. But I had to get used to follow exactly the instructions of the application. Previously, every time I trained to failure, it turns out that it is not always necessary.

The application if it does not completely replace the coach, at least makes its absence not very noticeable. Training programs are quite working, and even if there are any difficulties, experienced specialists will prompt ways to overcome them ...

Thanks to the developers for the application! Training is effective, according to personalized individual approach. So far I like everything!

Very convenient application! First, I read everything on the site, and then with this application the training for beginners became very simple and understandable!

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AtletIQ - your mobile assistant, which has everything to achieve fitness goals.

+ a reliable assistant to a personal trainer that remembers everything about your customers!

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